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Become an Area or Zone Coordinator

Our national Network of volunteers is comprised of Zone and Area Coordinators. They collect and then distribute quilts. You do not have to be a quilter to help ABC Quilts with our mission of sending quilts to at-risk babies, but it helps if you know where to find quilters. After you have gathered quilts, you deliver them to hospitals or foster care agencies.

You can go farther by public speaking, requesting donations of fabric and batting, contacting school teachers or youth group leaders about our quilt programs for kids, or anything else you can think of to promote AIDS and substance abuse prevention through quilting.

Download the volunteer opportunities information sheet for details, and then the Area Coordinator (AC) application if you are interested in joining. Tell a Teacher! We want to reach as many teachers as we can to tell them about our community service, substance abuse prevention education program. Please tell the next one you see about this web site. Visit teachers.