Education Package Testimonials
I know the quilt will not make the baby well, I also know it will not keep the baby from dying. But I do know it may bring some happiness into the baby's life. I wish I could cure the virus, I wish I could keep all the babies from dying, and all the babies from suffering.

Seventh Grader

Motivation is often a very elusive characteristic of middle schoolers, but the ABC Quilts project was very different in its reception by otherwise unenthusiastic students. This enthusiasm seemed to be created by the sheer worth of the project. It was really gratifying to me and to them.

Middle school teacher

I'm sorry to say that about half way through I saw only my quilt and I wanted to keep it for myself, but then I remembered how a baby's need for it was much greater than my own.

Sixth Grader

It's important that you and I make smart choices when faced with decisions on alcohol, drugs and sex. Just one night of drinking, one night of drugging, can lead to a lifetime of pain.

Kenneth Ojukwu, narrator of Touching Hearts, Making Choices.
High School student

The children aren't just learning how to quilt, they are learning about AIDS, about helping other people, about Math skills.

Diane Dufour, Merrimack High School

ABC Quilts touches peoples hearts and teaches the importance making responsible choices.

Joanne Woodward, actress

It feels cool knowing what you are doing and actually sending something you've made to someone who doesn't have what you have. It feels good.

High School student

I feel very good that we're giving quilts to sick people at the hospital. They might go to bed and sleep with it.

Tom , a first grader