What does ABC Quilts stand for?
"At-risk Babies Crib" Quilts
Who gets the quilts?
Our target population includes children who are infected with HIV/AIDS, affected by drugs or alcohol, or abandoned.
Who makes the quilts?
Our Quilters include the whole range of society, from grandmothers who have been quilting for decades, to first grade school children who are sewing for the first time. Prison inmates in Connecticut and welding students in New Hampshire have made quilts. All have been touched by the idea that they can help.
How do the babies get the quilts?
ABC Quilts is proud of the many volunteers around the world who collect quilts and deliver them to the hospitals and foster care agencies where our babies are cared for. These volunteers are called the Network. In the Network, Zone coordinators help organize a large geographic area in which there are many Area Coordinators, and they all work to get as many quilts to as many babies as they can. If you have a quilt ready, call the ABC Quilts Home Office at 603.942.9211 to get the name and address of our Area Coordinator nearest you.
What if I want to take quilts that I make to the hospital myself?
An important part of the Area Coordinator's job is to check the donated quilts to ensure that they meet the standards of our guidelines and assure that the total needs of the hospital are met. We respect the confidentiality policy of facilities and have established a relationship with a contact person. Your quilts will go to these special children, but the quilts must be delivered by a designated representative of ABCQ. Please fill out our Guest Book, and click the "yes" button if you would like to get more information about volunteering with ABCQ.
Can I know the names of the children who get my quilts?
We respect the CONFIDENTIALITY CODE of the medical or child care center and never ask to see the children or know their names.
Will my quilts definitely stay in my local area?
We fill the need of each local facility first, then any surplus quilts are pooled for distribution to other areas where they may be needed. ALL quilts go to children in our target population.
What about funding?
It takes money to ship/deliver quilts, make long distance calls, and cover office expenses. If you or your group do not quilt but want to help the project in some other way, a donation of money is most welcome. Even a donation of $5 - $10 makes a BIG difference! (download donation form) We are low-budget and very efficient, and your donation goes a long way.
What if someone wants to offer their services as an Area Coordinator or assistant?
Great! Perhaps you can help to make deliveries, pack quilts for shipping, write thank you notes, or prepare quilts to make them "baby ready." Please click on the you can help button above to review possible ways to help. If you would like to be an Area Coordinator for your area, us and request an application. (Please note that to receive an application you will also have to mark that you are willing to do both the "Gathering" and the "Distributing" duties of an Area Coordinator.)
What happens to the quilts if a child dies?
The quilt belongs to the child. Sometimes the quilt will stay with them, and some families decide to keep the quilt as a remembrance.
These are just a few of the most asked questions.
If you can thing of others, give us a call!