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July 2004

Dear Area Coordinators and Zone Coordinators,

The reports are rolling in!!! I have noticed that over these last few years, the reports are coming in fast and furious compared to how it use to be! Everyone seems to be on the same page and knows that reports are a necessary part of ABC Quilts. Thanks so much! You can send your reports or contact me at any time via email at (my preference) or phone me at the home office at 603-942-9211 or fax me at 603-942-9210. Also, as a courtesy to our Area/Zone Coordinators, you may use our toll free phone number 1-800-536-5694.

Reports received from:

Janet Gray, Mary Tillman, Rosemarie Paliotto, Doris Gilotty, Marian Meyers, Jane Ladwig, Sharyn Park, Barbara Wright, Cynthia McCarthy, Cheryl Longyear, Debbie Enrich, Kathy Krell, Susan Buckner, Lilah Corwin, Barbara Russo, Inez Morrison, Mary Lipscomb, Jane Erskine, Margot Helleseth, Donna Waechter, Penny Frankos, Debbie Harrison, Jeanette Kaneshiro, Marje Shirey, Beverly Kirk, Ken and Virginia Burchett, Elsie Soucie, Sharlene Paterson, Joyce Suarez, Rachel White, Jan Tseronis, Sally Sherwood, Toni Floyd, Dawn Howe, Dolores Schmidt, Kelly Hilmer, Mary Meloy, Sheila and Sherrill Murphy, Mary Pitzer, Linda Jacobsen, Marilyn Lyle, Katie Herring, Clydis Kellough, Edith Dole, Helen Johnson, Connie Warren, Dini Alves, Barbara Wright, Raylene Houck, Linda Lee Ahn, Letty Madrigal, John MacTavish, Mary Starling, Delsey Avery, Doris Senter, Ruthe Ploskunyak, Nela Hammel, Ellen Bailey, Judy Giblin, Linda Thomas, Teri Adams, Marla Wetterling, Jill Adams, Carol Sue Carmon

Quilt Count: as of 11/1/04 ……549,671……since 1988.

2004 Quilt Count......17,375!!!!!!!!! And counting!!!!

And we have:
Area Coordinators...133

New Area Coordinators (on three months' probation)...1

Zone Coordinators...21


Please check out the website. Our AC, Joy Levy, has been very busy updating it. Make sure you check out all the great photos! If you find any errors, please contact me at and we will correct the problem.

If you would like to access the bulletin board on our website go to Network/Bulletin Board. Your user name is your first name/state (i.e. BarbaraNH) and the password is network. On the bulletin board you can exchange ideas, suggestions and comments as well as ask for help or quilts from other Area Coordinators.

Upcoming Events:

Quilts Art Quilts – November 6, 2004 to January 9, 2005. Sponsored by the Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center in NY. Cheryl Longyear, AC from Port Byron NY, is on the planning committee for this years’ scheduled events.

Quilts=Art=Quilts, November 6, 2004 to January 9, 2005, Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center, 205 Genesee Street, Auburn, NY 13021, This annual juried quilt show has been drawing quilters and quilt lovers for more than 20 years. This year’s show will feature more than 100 quilts, both traditional and innovative.
Community Quilts, November 1 to December 31, Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center, 205 Genesee Street, Auburn, NY 13021. View the work of local quilters.

Out of the Attic: Quilts from the Collection, November 6, 2004 to January 9, 2005, Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center, 205 Genesee Street, Auburn, NY 13021. Nearly 200 years of the art of quilting are celebrated in an exhibit that includes pieced, appliquéd, embroidered and novelty quilts.

Quilts Made From Love, Saturday, November 27 from Noon to 4 p.m. Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center, 205 Genesee Street, Auburn, NY 13021. Local quilters will be displaying quilts in this non-juried show.
ABCQ Trunk Show, Friday, December 3 at 6:30 p.m., Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center, 205 Genesee Street, Auburn, NY 13021. Trunk show of ABC Quilts with guest lecturer, Pam Weeks Worthen, our Executive Director.

ABCQ Quilt-a-Thon, Saturday, December 4 from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center, 205 Genesee Street, Auburn, NY 13021. Join the ABCQuilt-a-thon and help make quilts for at-risk babies of Cayuga County. Quilts will be on display during the annual Holiday Open House on December 12.

Festival of Trees, to benefit Hospice, December 4-5 in North Carolina. Dawn Howe, our AC from NC will not be holding a class at that event but will be working on a quilt and passing out information about ABCQ.

Quilt-a-Thon - Red Wing, MN, March 12, 2005 Janet Gray, our new AC from WI, will be holding an ABCQ quilt-a-thon in Red Wing, MN at the Public Library from 9:30 to 3:30. She is working out all the details and I will keep you updated on her developments.

Past Events:

Dawn Howe, our AC from NC, had a good day at the Onslow County Museum quilt show, even though the turnout was small. She had four women sewing and they completed five quilts in four hours. A high school helper who was assigned to her class for the day made one quilt. She had never sewn before and was the second one finished! She was so proud of her quilt, she asked if she could take it home to show it off before Dawn brought it to a hospital. The museum has asked Dawn to set up another class sometime this winter!

Kudos to:

ABCQ Home Office and ALL the volunteers who helped make it possible….

September, 2004: 120 quilts to Americares for distribution in Guatemala

October, 2004: 200 plus quilts, knitted blankets and assorted fabric to Roux Courier Services for distribution in Zimbabwe, Africa

November, 2004: 500 quilts and knitted/crocheted items to Americares for distribution in Nicaragua

Sally Sherwood, our AC from LA, our AC from LA, who had the local television station film her and the quilt show chairman as they delivered 25 quilts to LSU Medical Center. It was broadcast on the evening news!

Patty Frizell, our ZC from TX, who recently attended a “Neighborhood Watch Party”, made a “pitch” for ABCQ and distributed information about us. The husband of one of the ladies called her a few days later to tell her that he had two quilts ready for her! He is confined to home and is an avid quilter. He has promised to make more quilts for her. One never knows when one will meet a fellow quilter, eh? Also, her quilt guild recently enjoyed the well-known designer/quilter, Holice Turnbow, for a workshop and lecture. He gave her six of his small quilt tops to be used for ABCQ! ABCQ is alive and well in Texas!!!

Sheila Asselin, our AC from NH, who recently held a quilt show. There were a lot of “leaf peepers” from other parts of the country and they now know about ABCQ! She had one man who loved the quilts so much that he wanted to buy one for his grandson but as we all know…our quilts are NEVER sold. Can’t say I blame him for trying though!

Linda Linville, our ZC from NH, who recently went to a local nursing home and had the lovely seniors make stenciled blocks. This is a wonderful idea because many nursing homes have seniors living there who were avid quilters but can’t quilt anymore due to poor eyesight or mobility problems. This program involves them in the quilt making process and boosts their self-esteem. The finished blocks are then made into quilts for “our” children. Linda and her husband John, one of our wonderful volunteers, set up a table at a local quilt show and let kids make stencil blocks for ABCQ. While the kids were having fun, Linda and John had a chance to chat with their parents. They kids loved it and the parents were very receptive. Another idea they have passed along was inquiring at your local Sam’s Club about gift cards for charitable organizations. They had to put a letter of request in prior to the first of the month. The Linville’s were presented with a $50 gift card that they used for batting for an ABCQ Day. They are not sure if this is a nationwide Sam’s Club policy so please check with your local store for details.

Gail Wadley, our ZC from OH, whose quilt guild, The Columbus Metropolitan Quilters, has been involved with ABCQ for about ten years. They have many new members who aren’t familiar with ABCQ so she showed them the ABCQ video and talked about her involvement. Her invited guest included a woman who donated about 40 yards of aqua fabric (if you look on our website at our photo album page, you will see many photos of quilts made “featuring” aqua, thanks to her!). She also invited nurses from one of the agencies who distribute their quilts. The nurses talked about their home visits and how the quilts affected both the Moms and the babies who receive them, as well as the nurses themselves! Many people were moved to tears by the presentation and couldn’t wait to go home and get busy making more quilts!

Dawn Howe, our AC from NC, who recently had a gathering hosted by “The Sewing Sisters” at Enon Chapel Baptist Church in Jacksonville, NC. They had been working on quilts together for the past few months and had completed 34 quilts. This group has graciously offered to hold a cutting party to get strips ready for the upcoming strip-quilt class at a local quilt show. The youngest “sister” is only eleven years old!

Sally Sherwood, our AC from LA, who reports that the Houma Quilting Guild called her, very excited, about receiving an invitation to tour the Louis Infant Crises Center. Apparently, a very wealthy, concerned citizen, bought a private home for Down Syndrome babies, who were abused/neglected or born from drug addicted mothers. A nun and several others are the caregivers. The Guild were thrilled to meet three of the babies and they reported that the home is spotless, is decorated beautifully and the children are well loved.


To Dorothy, from South Dakota:

I recently received two wonderful emails. One from “Bethany’s Grandma” and one from Debbie Freeman. I wanted to pass along what they wrote:

“Our precious granddaughter Bethany Rose was born in Portland, OR on 1/16/02 and was placed in ICU. Through the help of numerous prayers from family and friends, terrific doctors, many tears, much love from my son and daughter-in-law, and the special gift of a beautiful baby quilt made of love and friendship, our sweet little granddaughter lived. On one of the corners of this special quilt is printed: ABC Quilt – Dorothy, South Dakota. We would like to thank this kind sweet volunteer, for her time and efforts in making this special quilt. If you could somehow give Dorothy our love and thanks, we would appreciate it beyond words. That quilt stayed with Bethany in ICU and went home with her. She still uses her ABC quilt and it will more than likely always be her hands down favorite. I remembered my daughter-in-law telling us the story behind ABC Quilts while Bethany was in ICU and how much it meant to them that someone would give such a special gift to our sweet Bethany. Now 9 months old, Bethany is cutting teeth, starting to sit up on her own and giving wet kisses”. From, Bethany’s Grandma

“My grandson spent the first month of his life in an NICU in Portland OR. He had a rough start in life and immediately put on life support because of his inability to breath. When he was able to be weaned off the respirator, he started having seizures. He is now 6 months old and a delightful little boy. The day he was born, he received a quilt that is now one of his favorite possessions, Dorothy in South Dakota made it. This was one family who appreciated a great act of kindness during a very difficult time”. Thank you, Debbie Freeman

I don’t know who “Dorothy from South Dakota” is but her gifts of love and comfort have touched the lives of many people. Please remember…sometimes something as small as a quilt can make a big difference in someone’s life. Your quilt will brighten up the life of everyone it touches. Together, we are making a difference. To all the “Dorothy’s” out there…THANKS!

Get well to:

Gail Wadley, our ZC from OH, who is on the road to recovery following ankle surgery.

Sally Sherwood, our AC from LA, who is still undergoing physical therapy for rotator cuff problems.

Marla Wetterling, our AC from NV, whose husband has serious medical problems.

New Area Coordinators:

Welcome aboard to:

Sally Sherwood, LA (former ZC), Judy Giblin, NM, Nancy Hertzel, WA, Janet Gray, WI

New Zone Coordinators:

Clydis Kellough, MD (former AC who took over for Marilyn Lyle)
Patty Frizell, TX (former ZC who took over for Sally Sherwood)

Resigned Area Coordinators:

Thanks for all you have done for our babies:

Jennifer Nelson, NH, Marilyn Lyle, VA, Sheryl Bailey, VT
Listed in error as resigned in July’s newsletter, Donna Waechter and Margot Helleseth

If any name is listed in error, please let me know ASAP so I can correct the problem.

Thanks to ALL of you for all you do.

Barbara Saunders

ABC Quilts Home Office