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07/28/04 7:18 am I'm new to email and this site is super! I have a pattern for demonstration dolls for I'll mail to Letty. The Grange has been making them for years and giving them to local hospitals. I also want to go to Valeries web site and get the pattern for scent dolls for the neonatal units. Our church had a preemie born in the congregation 2 years ago and as a tribute to her, we donate quilts and hats and outfits to the unit in Cleveland for her birthday each year. I'm anxious to see what the scent dolls are so we can add them to our donations. My health hasn't been the greatest lately. I was diagnosed with a form of leukemia about 3 years ago, but manage to deliver quits on good days. I spent a week at University Hospital in Cleveland in June for an anemia caused by the chemo drug they had given me. I had to go back a week later, and delivered quilts to the neonatal unit and an outreach of the hospital. I was in the area anyway, they might as well be using them. Joy is a choice. And I choose to find joy where I'm at now! Hope that you are doing the same! Mary Jo Kubichek/Ohio AC Mary Jo/Ohio