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04/24/04 12:33 am Hello ABCQ Friends. I received a call from Gretchen Gehrhardt yesterday. She is a Child Life Specialist at Mt. Sanai Children's Hospital in Chicago and a friend I've known through volunteer work for the past five years. She called with a very special request that involves white cotton fabric dolls. She'd like to prep patients for procedures to come while they're at the hospital; things like IVs, injections, etc., through use of these dolls. The patients would use markers and crayons to decorate and draw on the dolls things that would be happening to them during their stay at the hospital. This would allow the children a gentle visual understanding of their bodies and of procedures to come. I think this might be something that some of you at might be interested in donating. Please email me if you're interested and I'll respond with an attachment of what I think the dolls could look like. I'd love you feed back and will be waiting eagerly for your replies. Gretchen is very passionate when it come to the well being of her patients. She's really quite inspiring and I'd love to help her with this project. I hope that you'll help make it happen. Thanks so much. Letty Madrigal AC ABCQ -Chicago, IL (773) 523-5526 [email protected] Letty/IL