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ABC Quilts and Hurricane Response

Love and comfort provided by ABC Quilts volunteers to those affected by Hurricane Katrina

When responding to ongoing natural disasters, ABC Quilts relies upon its nationwide Network of quilters and volunteers, and seeks new volunteers.

Thanks to everyone who sent quilts to aid children displaced by Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita.

Our National Network Volunteers for ABC Quilts have been overwhelmed by requests for hundreds more quilts. South West Louisiana in particular is in great need as United Way Agencies look for supplies, including quilts, to help settle returning families.

Our volunteers in Texas and in Louisiana have delivered quilts to survivors of Hurricane Rita in Lufkin, Texas. They are preparing to deliver to at-risk children in Beaumont and Port Arthur, Texas and Lafayette and Lake Charles, Louisiana.

We have also distributed 1200 quilts in New Orleans; Lansing, Michigan; Hattiesburg, Mississippi; coastal Mississippi; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Long Beach, Mississippi; Arlington, Texas; Fort Worth, Texas; Houston, Texas; and Lufkin, Texas. Quilts were provided to Hurricane Katrina victims in Arizona and California.

Quilts have come from many parts of the country, including Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Washington, Maryland, Texas, Oregon, Vermont, New Hampshire, Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Louisiana and Wisconsin.

We thank our quilters for getting involved and being so responsive.

Visit this website regularly for updates, to find the most effective ways to send love and comfort for those in need.

Your dollars help to support our network, cover unanticipated shipping costs, and allow us to continue sending love and comfort in the form of handmade quilts to those persons displaced or otherwise affected by hurricanes. If you are able to contribute to our ongoing efforts,

ABC Quilts volunteers in Maryland participate in a Sew In, making quilts for Hurricane Katrina survivors