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Welcome to ABC Quilts!

Founded in 1988, ABC Quilts has a dual mission:

--to inspire and educate young people to make healthy choices about sex, drugs and alcohol, through quiltmaking and community service learning.

--to deliver love and comfort with handmade quilts to children who are abandoned, HIV- positive, or alcohol or drug affected.

Our international network of volunteers has delivered over a half million quilts since the organization was formed.

Kids making quilts for kids
Kids making quilts for kids

Reminder: Deadline coming soon for Buddy and the Star Babies Quilt Challenge!

The deadline for entries is February 28, 2006. For information about our quiltmaking contest, click here.

News Release, December 1,2005

ABC Quilts Distributes Over 20,000 Quilts to Distressed Infants and Children This Year

Northwood, NH (December 1, 2005) In 2005, ABC Quilts delivered over 20,000 hand-made quilts to abandoned, HIV-positive or alcohol or drug affected infants and children. Of this total, 1,568 were sent to infants and children affected by the Gulf Hurricanes.

"When responding to a local need or ongoing natural disasters, ABC Quilts relies upon its nationwide network of quilters and volunteers," explained ABC QuiltÂ’s Executive Director Pam Weeks . "Quilts made locally are usually distributed locally. But the generous hands and hearts of the people throughout our national network also reached out to help children displaced by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and orphaned by the Pakistani earthquakes. They are quite remarkable quilters."

Love and comfort provided by ABC Quilts volunteers to those affected by Hurricane Katrina
Love and comfort provided by ABC Quilts volunteers
to those affected by Hurricane Katrina

Learn more about how ABC Quilts is involved in Hurricane Relief.

In this season of holiday giving, your dollars can help support the ABC Quilts Network, cover unanticipated shipping costs, and allow ABC Quilts to continue to send love and comfort in the form of handmade quilts to infants and children in distress. To donate, click here.

ABC Quilts invites you to help us by making quilts, volunteering as part of our international Network, and/or teaching young people to make healthy choices through quiltmaking and community service.

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