Everyone can help!

ABC Quilts volunteers and donors come in all ages and types and from all walks of life. There are many ways to help, from making a cash donation in whatever amount you can afford (yes, EVERY $5 donation makes a difference!) to making a quilt, or both!

We estimate that there are 14 million quilters in the USA alone. Can you imagine the difference we could make if every one of them gave one quilt and one dollar? WOW!

Make a quilt If you would like to help by making a quilt, please refer to our guidelines before you start. We have worked out the specifications based on hospital recommendations.

Volunteer Our national Network of volunteers are called Zone and Area Coordinators. They collect and then distribute quilts to our babies. Download the volunteer opportunities information sheet for details, and then the Area Coordinator (AC) application if you are interested in joining.

Tell a Teacher We want to reach as many teachers as we can to tell them about our community service, substance abuse prevention education program. Please tell the next one you see about this web site. (learn what teachers can do)

Make a donation Download the donation form to send a check or credit card donation. We also have cards for just about any event; holidays, Mothers and Fathers Day cards, memorial gifts or a special occasion, that we can send on your behalf when you make a donation in someone's name. Download the gift/memorial card form.

If you have trouble with any of these forms, sign our guest book, click the button that indicates your area of interest, or phone us, and we will send you the information you requested.