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The most important thing to keep in mind is that an ABC Quilt is washed frequently and used by infants and children.

The following guidelines were established accordingly.

Design: Use your favorite patchwork or applique pattern, or use pre-printed panels or fabric. If you are using markers or fabric paints, make sure they are indelible and non-toxic. Do not use "puff" paints, it can be picked off and swallowed.

Size: Approximately 36" X 36" (babies) up to 40" X 44" (children)

Fabric: Use pre-washed 100% cotton or at least 50/50 cotton/polyester. No knits.

NOTE: Please do not use recycled materials, such as used sheets, etc. Please prewash materials and check for stains.

Batting: Bonded polyester batting (light or medium weight), or bonded cotton batting.

Construction: Please make sure that you use at least a 1/4" seam allowance for all piecing. If you are using applique, please stitch the pieces down, either by hand or machine. Heat bonded fabric will eventually come off the face of the quilt unless it is also stitched.

Envelope method: Sew right sides of fabric together with batting on the bottom, sew around the edges, leaving an 8" opening for turning right side out. After turning right side out, hand sew the opening together and then top stitch around the outside 1" to 2" in from the edge.

Quilt/Tie: Quilt by hand or machine, or tie with embroidery floss or crochet cotton, making double square knots every 3 to 4” and no more than 3/16” wide. Do NOT use yarn; it comes untied.

Edge Stitching: Stitch 1" to 2" around the outside edge of the quilt. This holds the batting securely in place so it can withstand many washings.

Embellishments: Do not embellish the quilt with buttons, beads or anything else.

When finished, ask yourself: Is this quilt “baby ready”?

-- Is it safe? Check carefully, looking for any stray pins and loose threads.

--Is it secure? Are all the pieces sewn down? Are there any gaps in the seams? Is it quilted or tied enough? Can a baby's little fingers get caught anywhere?

--Is it signed? Write with permanent ink on the back of the quilt:

"ABC QUILTS, Love and Comfort to you, your first name, state, year."

(To protect patient confidentiality, please do not use the words "AIDS", "drugs" or any other wording on any quilt.)

--Is it clean? After thoroughly checking, it should be clean and free of stains or odors.

Please contact the Home Office when your quilts are ready or find the area coordinator nearest to you for delivery.

ABC Quilts, 569 First NH Turnpike, Northwood, NH 03261




INSPIRES and educates young people to make healthy choices about sex, drugs and alcohol through quilt making and community service learning.

DELIVERS love and comfort with handmade quilts to children who are HIV-infected, alcohol-or drug-affected, or abandoned by their families